Hot 107.9 wants you to find your Wiz. No ... seriously .... your 'Wiz' will be in public bathrooms all around Acadiana, and we want you to find it! If you do, you'll be seeing Wiz Khalifa LIVE in New Orleans!

Wiz Khalifa's '2050 Tour' is coming to the UNO Lakefront Arena in New Orleans, LA Saturday, November 24th, and Hot 107.9 has your tickets! You just have to find them! Listen to Digital every weekday afternoon because he will have your clues to find out what public restroom in Acadiana has your 'Wiz' ... Khalifa tickets! The first person to follow the clues correctly will find a pair of Wiz Khalifa tickets waiting for them.

Oh, and it doesn't matter if you're a girl or guy because we'll have a pair of tickets for both at every secret location

So tune in to win, because it gets even better!

Every person who wins tickets will be qualified for the grand prize (to be drawn on 11/21): 2 passes to an exclusive soundcheck with Wiz Khalifa where you'll get to hang out with Wiz, see him perform a few songs, and take photos!

Just listen to 'Find Your Wiz', courtesy of AEG Live, Atlantic Records, and the station sending you to see Wiz Khalifa - Hot 107.9!

Wiz Khalifa - 'Remember You' (feat. The Weeknd)