Other than having your boat sink, this has to be any fishing person's  biggest nightmare. The large fish you are reeling in leaps out of the water and lands INTO YOUR BOAT!! Imagine, you're out in the Gulf of Mexico and out of no where a 40-pound fish jumps out of the water and leaps towards you in the boat!! This is what happened to a few fisherman in St. Augustin Florida. Three Florida fisherman were fighting to get a large fish into their boat last year, and unexpectedly the fish leaped out of the water and landed in their small vessel.



Yes, the 40-pound BARRACUDA, known for having razor sharp teeth, jumped out of the water and landed in the fisherman's boat. As you may imagine, chaos soon erupted, but the fisherman were able to subdue the fish and no one was injured in this freak incident. Still, to have a barracuda land in your boat is a frighting experience for anyone.

What would you have done had you seen a 40-pound fish heading your way while out in the middle of the "Big Blue?" Had it been me, you'd have heard screams come from me that I'd rather you not hear, and as the fish leaped into the boat...I may have been leaping OUT!!!