So the Fist Pump For Patients turned out to be a huge success and tons of fun, so we would like to share a couple of pictures with all of you. YOU helped United Blood Services collect 151 pints of Blood.

So first off you know how much we all LOVE Snooki and had to fight for her affection.

(I think I topped both of them............but she rejected me just to let you guys know.)

Then of course BIG shout outs and tons of gratitude going out to all the donors who came out to support and give the gift of life!

And we couldn't dare leave without giving our own we sent in the guinea pig!

Now the journey begins!!!!!

Well I'm not exactly huge on being poked(Fun Fact)!

Geez............I hope I'm healthy!?!?

Finally the anticipation was all honesty I think the rest of the Hot Crew was placing bets to see if I was going to pass out or not......

All in all it was a great day. Big thanks go out to the ENTIRE CREW at United Blood Services for all of their tremendous dedication and hard work, and THANK YOU ACADIANA for all of your contributions so we can all give the gift of live and save lives.