Thanks to the Grand 16, the Hot crew and some lucky listeners got the sneak preview of 'Hangover 2' last night. Did it make me laugh? Yes. Was it better than the first? I think it was. Are you going to watch it this weekend? Probably. That being said, I won't ruin the plot line for you by telling you everything that happens in the movie. I will, however, give you a list of 5 things to watch for in the movie that will make you laugh/cringe/etc. during the show.

  1. The Finger
  2. The Monkey
  3. Mr. Chow
  4. The Exotic Dancer
  5. Tyson

Hope I didn't give too much away, and when you watch the movie this Memorial Day weekend, be sure to keep this list in your mind...and yes, one day, monkeys will be able to Skype.