Yes you read that right. His name is Jonathan Hampton or as the students of North Marion High School in Marion County, Fla. call him Mr. Banana, LOL! Too soon. Just Kidding.

Seriously, they call him Mr. Hampton, a psychology teacher that has done the unthinkable. He touched a female student with a banana. The students said it happened in the middle of talking about sex symbols during his Freudian psychology lecture, then Mr. Hampton rubbed the sex banana on the female students head and neck in a sexual manner that left the female student feeling violated.

The parents of the female student reported the banana incident three months ago, and said it crossed the line of student/teacher relations. They went on to say its was disgusting and belittling to her.

Mr. Hampton only got a three day suspension and has already returned to the school (not sure if they let him have banana's for lunch or not). It sucks because they are so good for you and prevent migraines.

When they asked Mr. Hampton, former Teacher of the Year if he did what he was accused of, he said, "I only tapped her on the shoulder to get her attention because she was spacing off during my Freudian psychology lecture." Not saying either party is right but that sounds more believable. They asked other students at the high school about the banana, they had no comment on the sex banana situation.

Meanwhile, Mr. Hampton is keeping himself busy during his summer vacation by becoming one with the banana, as seen below.