Would you want an alligator as a pet?

In Florida, you can have an alligator as a pet, but it comes with some rules. The rules are you have to have a Class II license which require a pet alligator no more than six-feet-long to live on at least two-and-a-half acres.

Mary Thorn has owned 'Rambo' the pet alligator for 10 years and has exceeded the six-foot-long limit. Now the Florida Wildlife Commission wants to take it.

According to FOX 13 the alligator has never lived in the wild and is trained to be around people. Ms. Thorn says the last four alligators that she sent back to the wild have died.

Ms. Thorn has taken her case to court and is now waiting for a court date.

Do you think she should be able to keep the alligator or not? Comment below.

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