This little guy's curiosity gets him banned from a doughnut shop for life!

All kids, and I stress this, all kids are curious. It's a fact. They ask questions, they say "WHY" to everything.  It's just the way they are.

With that said, this little guy was banned from a doughnut shop for asking another customer in the doughnut shop if she was pregnant. The lady politely said no, and the 4-year-old told her he was sorry.

According to WNEM, The mom of the 4-year-old even apologized to the lady and said she was embarrassed for them both. The lady told the 4-year-old "no problem, I get it all the time from the kids in the nursery." Every one left with no worries.

The next day the mom and the 4-year-old went into the doughnut shop and was told "TO LEAVE!" The mom asked why. They told her because your child is "rude," and to never come back!

The mother and child are taking their business elsewhere and are using it as a learning experience.

Tell us what you think, should the 4-year-old be banned or nah?