This is so bizarre! This guy tries to clear his name on live TV because he got accused of stabbing a woman and is wanted by the police.

This has got to be one of the oddest news stories. According to FOX 13, a guy by the name of Derrick Fifer car jacked and stabbed a woman and then took off in the car with her two kids in it.

The bizarre twist? The guy that the police were looking for shows up and gets on live TV with one of the reporters. He wanted to claim his innocence. The kids were returned and the car was found, but police were still looking for the guy that did this!

What I can gather from the guy claiming to be innocent is, his mom woke him up from a nap and heard his name on the TV. He then put on his shoes and walked over to the lady reporting the news live and wanted to claim his innocence on live TV.

It's very hard to keep up with what he is saying. I really can't blame the guy. If he didn't do it he is just really nervous and just can't get his thoughts together, or he did do it and he is just stuttering as he makes up this crazy story.

The police are still looking for him and he said that he wasn't going to run that he was just going to stay put till they came to get him. Probably a bad move! If you're innocent, you'll turn yourself in, why wait?


Looks like they found him, and he did do it! Crazy story!