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Is this what Instagram has come too? Fellas, don't take after this kid. Never break up with your girl on Instagram. Man up, and tell her over the phone. LOL!!

Seriously, I hope this isn't the way of future breakups or divorces!


He goes by the name of CJ on twitter. His twitter handle is @Cjkarl11. CJ now has an extra 3,000 followers all because he broke up with his girlfriend via Instagram, using the hashtag #TransformationTuesday. Not only did he do that, but he used a half shot. On one side it's him and his girl, and on the other she is cut out!

CJ and his ex have both taken down their Instagrams, but not before the screenshot went viral. So we haven't gotten the full story, but we can say that the relationship ended on that note.

CJ doesn't seem to mind his new fame, he and his friends are all over twitter talking about it and having a good laugh, check it out:




So what does this teach us? Use Instagram to break up with your spouse using a hashtag and get insta-fame and become a hero in your home town. YES!!!