Remember the dude who got kicked in the head by the conductor of a passing train while trying to take a selfie? Yeah, that dude is probably about to be rich.

Predictable lawsuit? Public embarrassment? Neck pain? Nope. This cat is about to get that YouTube money.

His name is Jared Frank, and he got kicked in the head while trying to take a selfie near a passing train. Most people would probably look around to make sure no one saw, then delete the video. Jared decided to share his video, and now it seems as if his misfortune is about to turn into straight cash.

He hired a management agency who told him he could make $30,000-$250,000 through advertising using his video that has more than 23 million views and counting. Thats a ballpark of $2-$16 for every 1,000 views for those keeping track at home.

What will a kid like Jared do with that kind of money? He says he plans on using the cash to fund the vacation he was on in Peru when he was orignally booted in the head. He also plans on putting some of the money towards his filmmaking ventures.

Why can't I get kicked in the head and just have $250,000 appear?