The first person we ever met, was Mom. Our first meal was from Mom. Our first feeling of warmth was from Mom. And all of this happened before we were born. Mothers are very special and some say that "one day isn't enough." This is true. Mothers are very special indeed. No matter the ups or the downs in your relationship with your mother, the fact remains that she is the one who gave you life. My mother is an awesome mom for many reasons. For starters, the fact that she raised me and my brother and sister is amazing in itself. During my lifetime she has held the role of nurse, maid, chef, chauffeur, teacher, police officer, judge, accountant, loan officer, personal assistant, doctor, clown, mediator but most importantly "mom."

Today if you are able to see your mother, or at least pick up the phone and tell her you love her. DO IT. Moms are very special and you should be glad that you've still got yours! I know I am.

Happy Mother's Day to each and every Mom out there, new and old!