Why is Instagram user @itslavishbitch the most hated teen on Instagram. Is it because he's rich, I mean really rich, so rich that he can tie 4,000 dollars to a balloon and let it fly away like its nothing. Check out the pics and you decide.

 According to Egotripland.com, Lavish is only 17 and comes from a very wealthy family in San Francisco. He doesn't eat cheerios for breakfast, he eats $100 dollar bills ya'll.

According to Egotripland.com , he's a 17-year-old kid from a very wealthy San Francisco family.

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Lavish has one of the most outrageous Instagrams out there. He loves to buy 9,000 dollar gift cards from Starbucks and not use them, cuz he's Sooooo Rich!

He's a pretty normal kid. He loves Starbucks.

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He's so rich, he doesn't buy cards to play poker, he uses iPhones.  Now that is RIch.lol

...like, a lot.

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Lavish is so rich, his dookie can only touch Pellegrino water.  He likes his dookie to sparkle as he watches it go down the toilet. Bling Bling!

He claims he only fills his toilet bowl with Pellegrino.

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He likes to remind his followers (all 108,293 of them) that he keeps a lot of cash on hand, and that he is #1. WOW ! Can he get any richer? lmao. :P

He likes to remind his followers (all 59,293 of them) that he keeps a lot of cash on hand.

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Lavish is so rich he even has iPhones made out of 100 bills.  This is the real definition of "Money Talks", but only to Lavish.

So much so that he doesn't even know what to do with it.

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Lavish is so rich he can give away 60 Grand and any time. Who said money cant buy new friends. Bam!

And sometimes he apparently gives it away to his Instagram followers.

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He's so rich he even calls  Kim Kardashian a peasant for having only 1 Bentley and a 11millon dollar house. Kim aint about dat Richy rich life. lol


He sends stuff like this to Kim Kardashian.

Lavish is so rich he can tie 4 grand to a balloon and just let it fly away. Not sure if I can handle all of his richness. Its to overwhelming. Now you can see why Lavish is the most Hated teen on Instagram.

And this is a four-panel picture of him tying $4,000 to a bunch of balloons and letting it fly away.

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