It looks like we will still have Hornets basketball in New Orleans. Governer Bobby Jindal has confirmed that the Hornets have met their attendance requirements and will be in the city of New Orleans for at least another year.

The team and the state amended their lease agreement in 2007 to set the benchmark for attendance at 14, 735. The franchise had the option to pull out if the benchmark wasn't reached for two consecutive years during that agreement that expires in 2014.

Monday night, the hornets hit that goal when they played their conference rival, The Oklahoma City Thunder, which resulted in praise from Governer Bobby Jindal.

"We gave the state of Louisiana, we gave the fans along the Gulf Coast a great challenge. We asked the people to pack the Hive, to keep our Hornets right here in New Orleans, and they've done exactly that."

"Today is just the first step. We're going to be also talking about the second step. We've got to go out there, we want to encourage people to buy their season tickets and get ready for phase two of supporting the Hornets and keeping them here in the long-term."