As we approach 70,000 likes on our official Facebook page (thanks, by the way!) we can't help but notice that some of our listeners are still following the wrong Hot 107.9.

Radio station frequencies are regulated by the FCC to eliminate any cross channel interference (also known as CCI) but, the non-technical explanation is that they try not to allow another radio station to operate on the same frequency as one that is also strong in that area.

With that being said, outside of South Louisiana there are plenty other radio stations in the world that operate on the 107.9 frequency. There is Star 107.9, Americas first 80s station, in Columbus, Ohio. There is also 107.9 The End playing all the hits for Sacramento, CA.

And of course, there are other "HOT" 107.9 stations as well.

While the FCC does a good job of making sure that no other 107.9 station interferes with our reach in the area, there is no way for anyone to regulate all the Hot 107.9 websites and social media pages, which can get pretty tricky at times.

For instance, at the time of this post, I have over 100 people from my friends list alone who like Hot 107.9... in Atlanta.


Unless there is an influx of Fontenots, Broussards, Thibodeauxs, Champagnes, Allemans and Domingues in the ATL, I'd be willing to bet some of these people are following the wrong page by accident.

It doesn't stop there, with almost 50 of my friends (with the same common South Louisiana last names) who like Hot 107.9 stations in Fort Wayne, IN, Syracuse, NY, and Panama City, FL.

And don't even get me started on Twitter.


As much as @Hot1079 makes sense, sadly, it's not us. (@1079isHot)

There have also been PLENTY of times when we've had people call up the station and curse us out over a bit that offended them or hurt their feelings. We've had some people email us asking about a song that they just HAD to know the name of. And of course, our favorite is when people call out of the blue asking if their the winning caller.

But most of the time, we never did the bit, played the song, or even ran the contest these people were talking about because it was totally the wrong "Hot 107.9." While its always pretty entertaining, it is also a bit frustrating being that we love to connect with each and every one of our listeners.

So, when it comes to our website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media -- how can you know that you're following the right Hot 107.9 in Lafayette, LA?

Well, I can tell you that if you're reading this right now, then you've found our correct website! But the following links will take you directly to all the right social places.

There you have it. Most of you who got this message from Facebook are already connected, but SHARE this with your friends on Twitter and Facebook and make sure they are on the right page too!

We appreciate the love, and thanks for keeping us HOT! (107.9) :)