Did Uncle Sam wake up at the butt crack of dawn to go to work with you? Did he have to put up with your jerk of a boss during those hellacious extended weekend hours? Chances are, you said "NO!" - and if so, answer this question: Why does he deserve to take so much of your hard earned money?

The truth is, Uncle Sam doesn't deserve to take so much of your hard earned money, so we're gonna take it from him - and give it all back to YOU!

I know what you're thinking: How do we plan on taking money from someone like Uncle Sam? Easy. We got our very unwilling, yet genius web intern "Darwin" to hack into Uncle Sam's bank account; and we're gonna "re-distribute" the money FOUR times a day.

Just listen for the 'Angry Uncle Sam Sounder' (audio attached below) every weekday during the 7A, 12 NOON, 5P, and 8P hours. When you hear it, be caller 7 at 234-1079 and we'll throw $50 cash your way ** PLUS ** you'll automatically be qualified for a flyaway to beautiful South Beach Miami with tickets in hand to see Justin Timberlake and Jay Z on their 'Legends of Summer' tour!

The drawing will be held at a grand prize giveaway party (TBA) on the week of April 22nd, and you must be present to win! Just make sure you're tuned in to Hot 107.9 every weekday during the hours of 7A, 12 NOON, 5P and 8P and be caller 7 at 234-1079 when you hear the sounder below:

Good luck!