In what has been a war of words as of late, and now Hulk Hogan may have reached the breaking point between he and former in-ring rival ,"The Ultimate Warrior." I have been following this on-line feud for weeks now, and the feud is finally ending-up not in a wrestling ring, but in a court room. In recent weeks, Hogan and Warrior have exchanged defaming words towards one another via twitter and youtube. While both have taken a few shots below the belt of their advisory, it appears that Hulk Hogan has had enough.

In a recent video chats, Warrior has accused Hogan of things like drug abuse and even in having an open marriage with his former Linda. Hogan on the other hand says that his former in-ring rival is just jealous that his, Warrior's, career is done. While Hulk Hogan is still involved in professional wrestling with the TNA promotion, Warrior's career on the other hand has been silent for quiet some time.

Recently, Hulk Hogan with to Twitter and had this to say in regards to the whole situation.

If you have not kept up with the whole on-line feud between the two former WWE Superstars, here is a bit of what The Ultimate Warrior has accused Hogan of. WARNING this video contains EXPLICIT LANGUAGE.