One of the reasons I am a big fan and a big user of Apple products is because they are constantly updating and upgrading their products. From the "software updates" for Mac Desktops and Laptops to the iOS updates for iPhone, iPod & iPad they are constantly improving upon the things that makes them so popular amongst their consumers. The latest update comes for the Pad, Pod & Phone from Apple and has some pretty cool new features.

One of my favorites in this update is the ability to create my own "personal hotspot."

When you're in the wilderness, out of Wi-Fi range, and internet freakout anxiety starts to creep in, you'll be able to share your phone's 3G signal with whatever other gadgets you've got with you (iPad, Windows laptop, whatever). It gets a little tricky though! Apple itself says "up to five" devices can be linked up via the iPhone's own WiFi, Bluetooth, and a USB connection. Though in a footnote, the site claims hotspotting "works with up to three devices over Wi-Fi, three devices over Bluetooth, and one device over USB."

Check out more on the update here and to download iOS 4.3, hook your iPhone up to your computer and select "Check for Update" in iTunes.