It's no secret that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have had something for each other for quite some time. Recently, Kanye's ex-gf, Amber Rose called Kim a homewrecker for her meddlings with Yeezy behind Rose's back that eventually led to their breakup. She also described the racy pictures that the reality star would send to Kanye on a regular basis. There have also been rumors that Kim would do sexual favors for Kanye in exchange for help with her music career. (Kanye West definitely came out ahead in that deal, lol)

Now that Kim and Kanye are both single and free to mingle, the idea of the two celebs hooking up wouldn't exactly be a shocker... but what if I told you there was a picture floating around the internet that would prove it??? Gossip website MediaTakeout has a new alleged photo of Kanye West in a VERY graphic sexual position with an 'unnamed female celebrity.' Kanye West has already been confirmed as the male in the pic ... but the ASSets on the female in question look ALL too familiar.

Before you rule out Miss Kardashian as the lady in the compromising position, just remember, she is no stranger to being caught in the act on film. After all, it is her claim to fame. I personally think it's Kim, but I'll let you be the judge, just be forewarned, it is EXTREMELY NSFW.