A Savannah, GA lawyer by the name of Jamie Casino had the best Super Bowl commercial this year and chances are, you didn't even see it. Casino, our as I like to refer to him - The Kenny Powers of all attorneys - ran a 2-minute spot that arguably had more bang for its buck than any of the big national ads.

The personal injury lawyer has always been known for his dramatic TV spots, but his Super Bowl ad was the talk of the town, and much of the internet on Monday morning.

Kick-ass rock music bed. [check]

Bible verses. [check]

Over-the-top production. [check]

Flaming sledgehammer. [check]

This commercial had it all, and was so effective, some people actually called his office and volunteered to intentionally hurt themselves, just to be represented by Casino!

For those who call BS on the theatrics, the backstory in the ad is based on actual real life events. According to Savannah Now, Casino's younger brother, Michael Biancosino, was shot and killed over Labor Day weekend in 2012.

Les Vann, the general manager of WTGS - the local FOX affiliate - would not disclose the amount spent on the ad, but did volunteer that it was one of the biggest ad purchases in years.

I will tell you it’s the first time I’ve ever had a two-minute spot in any game, let alone the Super Bowl

A very limited amount of commercial blocks go to local affiliates for the Super Bowl, but just to give you an idea, the going price for nationally run commercials was around $4 million per 30-second spot.

I truly believe Jamie Casino could have payed double that amount, and still walked away a winner. A winner with a flaming sledgehammer, but a winner nonetheless.

For bonus fun, check out the hashtag #CasinosLaw on Twitter.