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Here we go with more rumors on the incident between Solange and Jay Z.

According to NY Daily News, Solange allegedly became upset with Jay Z when he left the Met Gala after party to attend another after party that Rihanna was throwing.

So, what was the problem you ask?

Solange became enraged with anger once she found out that Jay Z wasn't taking Beyonce. Apparently, Jay Z called ahead and said there will be no extra security needed because Beyonce wasn't going to attend.

Some of the sources told NY Daily News that there was tension during the Met Life after party. Guest of Solange were trying to crash the party, and that friends of Solange were throwing around Jay Z's name and acting like they knew him.

According to the NY Daily News Jay Z told Solange, "don't use my name."

Solange then wanted to leave and that's when Jay Z decided to take off and head to Rihanna's party on his own.

This is were it gets crazy!

Solange told Jay Z according to NY Daily News,

"Why can't you go home?"

...then looked at Beyonce and said:

'Why does your husband need to go to the club right now?"

Jay Z then replied:

'You're the one to talk!'

Then that's when the fight begun in the elevator, and according to NY Daily News, Jay Z decided to just go home.

Now remember this is all speculation, this is not confirmed.