The official music video for Kayne West's 'Mercy' hasn't been out for more than 24 hours, and there is already a drinking game to go along with it. The video was directed by Yeezy, and features a simple black and white concept with plenty of body-doubling and digital effects. The guys over at egotripland decided to come up with a drinking game based on the new video, which is perfect for Happy Hour, or the next time that you're sitting around drinking with friends while watching Kanye West music videos on YouTube.

'Mercy' Video Drinking Game Rules:

  1. Any time a rapper duplicates... take two swigs.
  2. Every time Yeezy makes a noise that sounds like a small furry animal having a hernia... make a toast to someone's pet.
  3. Any time Kid Cudi spazzes out... you must go sit in the corner like this... and drink.
  4. Any time you think you see a haute couture-wearing ninja... drink.
  5. Any time anyone does something that reminds you of this... drink.
  6. Any time you think you hear someone rap "Mummenschanz," ... drink.
  7. Any time you wish a rapper's verse was left off the song... drink.
  8. Last standing ninja wins!

(Warning: Remember to pass the keys to the Lambo to someone not playing. Interpretive rap dance is awesome -- until someone gets hurt.)

Kanye West - 'Mercy' (feat. Big Sean, Pusha T & 2 Chainz)