Katy Perry is on the cover of the upcoming Rolling Stone Magazine and as she would it have it, its Sexy!!! In the upcoming issue, the pop singer discusses topics like Politics, Critics, and even talks about her body.On Politics: The singer says it feels like money is the only thing that runs our country. In addition, she says in the interview that she sees things totally different these days versus as a kid. No longer does she fin herself questioning her faith, but does find herself questioning the world in general.

On Her Critics: When people ask her about her critics, her reply is pretty simple. "Look at the numbers." By that I think she is referring to record sales and more.

On Her Body: Katie says in the interview that at the age of eleven, she started to pray to God for large breast. As faith would have it, God answered her prayers and she says that at point she had to ask him to stop sending her the breast she had once prayed for. As a teen, her breast were so large that she says she would actually "tape them down" just so that other teens would not pick on her.