Kentucky's Andrew Harrison is apologizing after an expletive and a slur—directed at Wisconsin's Frank Kaminsky—were picked up by hot mics during a post-game press conference.

A disappointed Harrison sat with his teammates after Wisconsin handed Kentucky its first loss in 39 games to advance to the championship game. A reporter asked Karl-Anthony Towns if anything was "unique" about defending Kaminsky, when Harrison is seen covering his mouth and mumbling, "F*** that [N-word]."

Social media lit up like wildfire.

At first, many thought that the person recording the video uttered in the expletive and slur, but as more videos surfaced it was clear that Harrison had indeed said it, and was confirmed later when the Kentucky basketball player apologized for his words.




A spokesman for the Kentucky Wildcats said they would speak to Harrison about the issue and declined to comment until they had a chance to evaluate the situation.

Harrison is expected to be heading off to the NBA, where there will be more cameras—and more post-game press conferences, with more hot microphones.

[via Washington Post]