Did you catch Kim Kardashian on the premiere of "Celebrities Undercover" on Oxygen? You may have seen her and not even realized you were looking at Kim Kardashian as she was totally unrecognizable after her make-under.

The new show, produced by Wendy Williams, puts celebs undercover so they can hear what their fans, and more importantly their haters have to say about them. In an recent interview, Williams revealed her inspiration for the show's concept.

People say a lot of mess about celebrities. In the social media world, celebrities are able to go online and see nice things and horrible things written about them – but these people on the internet wouldn’t have the guts to say it to their face. The show gives celebrities the opportunity to put a face to all the ‘internet gangsters’ of the world.

Kim posed as someone who was applying to be her personal assistant, joining a group of girls that were excited at the opportunity to get the job. She even had Kourtney convinced! It's crazy to see how someone as recognizable as Kim can be made up -- err, down -- to a point where she isn't even identifiable.

If you're a fan of Kim and her show Keeping Up With The Kardashians, you may have already seen Kim in this get up being that she already achieved a similar look.