The San Diego police wanna chat with Kobe Bryant about the alleged squabble that took place with another man, IN CHURCH of all places. And get this... the alleged altercation was over a CELL PHONE PICTURE!

Kobe was reportedly in the St. Therese of Carmel Church in Carmel Valley this past Sunday when he allegedly grabbed the phone out of a man's hand.


KCBS-TV in LA first reported the incident, saying that Kobe thought the man was taking pics of Kobe and his wife. After the dust settled, there were no such photos found on the phone and the man complained of his wrist being injured.

Uh oh! Can somebody say "lawsuit?"

Do you think Kobe overreacted? Do you think Kobe was justified in his actions? Was it appropriate for this to go down in a church? Sound off in the comments below !!