Do you still have your Turkey? Check your freezer because Lady Gaga might be wearing it!!

Lady Gaga is getting into the Thanksgiving spirit this year, but she won't be performing in front of her "little monsters."  According to Music Mix ABC will be airing A Very Gaga Thanksgiving on November 24 where Gaga is going to do a couple of performances for a 90 minute prime-time special for a couple of close friends at New York's Sacred Heart Catholic High School.  There could be a change this year however, Lady Gaga plans to use both of her hits from Born This Way, and maybe even toss in a couple of Christmas tunes to get people in the holiday spirit.

From what is looks like this should be a pretty big production, but who knows what surprises are being cooked up since Lady Gaga says she has "conceived and directed" this entire fiasco herself.  I'm kind of hoping she dresses like a turkey (with all of the sides included).