Facebook is addictive. So addictive, that according to KATC's Erin Steuber, two Lafayette Parish inmates have been secretly active on the social media site for close to a month, undetected - until now. Most of the time, I'm hesitant to buy into zany stories like these, but when I saw one of the inmate's default photos from INSIDE the jail (above), I was a believer.

Annoying cellmates, roll calls in the middle of the night, and security guard "geniouses" are just a few of the things described in updates posted by Tommy Bourque and Robert Domingue as they share details from their lives "on the inside."

But how are they posting to Facebook? Are they using a computer? Are they using a smartphone? An iPad, maybe? If so, how are they charging these devices without getting caught by the warden, or ratted out by their jealous jailmates who can't indulge in the joys of Facebook and all its plentiful offerings?

That is exactly what Captain Kip Judice with the Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office is trying to get down to the bottom of.

Every inmate is completely strip searched when they come into the facility," said Judice. "Certainly no body cavity searches are conducted unless there is a cause for it, there has to be some kind of cause for a cavity search.

[via KATC]

Now that KATC has notified the Sheriff's office (based on a viewer tip), the jail is reportedly on lockdown as a thorough investigation is underway to find the devices that have become what Judice describes as "a hot commodity" for inmates nationwide.

Both Domingue and Bourque (below) are previously convicted felons, in prison for armed robbery amongst other things. In addition to being held in the same jail, they are also friends on Facebook.