The truth will set you free. Well!  Lance is free as a bird now.  Lance admitted  to Oprah today that, "YES, I cheated". WOW! Lance said he DID use performance-enhancing drugs during his pro cycling career to win the Tour de France, according to the Associated Press.

Oprah should have asked him, "Why now, Lance?" Is it because in one potential perjury case the statute of limitations has passed? Is it because you've already lost almost all your sponsors, had to step back from your foundation and are no longer getting the attention you once earned? Did you have to lose nearly everything until you sought the only possible out?

This changes everything! I feel kind of played cuz I rocked the Livestrong bracelet. I even felt bad when people would make fun of his one testi. Not gonna lie I still feel bad about that.

Lance has come out and apologized to the staff at Livestrong, saying he was sorry for letting down the organization. Lance is now facing possible criminal prosecution and civil liability for allegedly lying about his PED use in a number of legal proceedings.

Question is :  Lance cheated, but does it matter ? I think he's been through enough already , I mean he only has one testi what else does he have to go through. Just speaking from a man prospective that has two testis.