Since early January the Miami Heat have not lost consecutive games, and last night's 103-84 rout saw them keep the streak alive against the San Antonio Spurs in Game 2 of the 2013 NBA Finals. The moment that everyone will be talking about today though, is the highlight of LeBron James' HUGE block against a driving Tiago Splitter.

The pass was beautiful, the play was set up to be everything that posterizing dunks are made of -- and then LeBron James showed up.

Tony (Parker) hit him with a great pocket pass and Splitter had a runway to the rim, and I was like, 'Hey, just make a play. You haven't done much offensively, so just try to change the game some way defensively,'

Whether or not LeBron had been a factor offensively up until that point didn't matter. The block was iconic, and the aftermath that included LeBron pounding his chest in an outpouring of emotions that screamed 'BEAST MODE,' is sure to adorn King James sizzle reels for years to come.

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As for Tiago Splitter, his reaction to the rejection was very, err, optimistic?

At least I'm going to be in the news. I just tried to make a good play, but he's a great player.

Yes indeed Tiago, you are in the news. Just about every five minutes on ESPN the massive block is being replayed from just about every angle any sports-loving heart could desire. They've even uploaded it to YouTube from every viewpoint imaginable, PLUS slow motion.