LeBron James is no stranger to controversy and last night he added another chapter to his legacy. After LeBron and the Miami Heat lost in the NBA Finals to the Dallas Mavericks, he took to the podium with D-Wade at his side to address the media. If his poor play and lack of 'greatness' that ultimately led to defeat in this Finals series wasn't enough, LeBron decided to take shots at his 'haters' ... aka, the non-millionaire non-NBA superstar working class of America.

James tells the media that the people will have the same life they had before they woke up that day, and that all of their personal problems that were in there lives before will still be there. He then tells the room full of reporters that he is happy with his life, and he will live his life how he wants to.

[via BleacherReport]

Whoa LeBron! Really ??

This morning I woke up, got my oil changed, checked my email, made a few appointments and took care of some business at the bank. Then I drove into work and chatted a bit with Chris Logan before sitting down to write this blog, and in a bit I'll probably grab some lunch.

Is this the sad life you are referring to LeBron??? My sad little pathetic life, and the similar sad pathetic lives of others just like me? Good job putting down the majority of America.

I think someone needs to remind 'Baby Bron Bron' that HE set this stage with his 'Decision' to turn his back on a city that embraced him for the sole purpose of winning a championship, and if I'm not mistaken, it was LeBron himself that promised championships in Miami to the tune of "not 1 .... not 2 .... not 3 .... not 4 ..... not 5" as he made a spectacle of himself at the Miami "pep rally" that welcomed the 'Big 3."

.... but we are the "haters?"

Bookmark this blog, because I'm calling it now... LeBron & the Heat won't even see the Finals next year. Quote me.

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