LSU All-American and Heisman Finalist Tyrann Mathieu, the "Honey Badger," was dismissed from the LSU football program during the 2012 season for violating team policy and testing positive during a random drug test. Matthieu was released by head coach Les Miles and Matthieu's future at LSU remained uncertain, that's until today.

While being interviewed by ESPN's Scott Van Pelt, head coach Les Miles was asked if "there is a chance [Mathieu] has a happy ending with the LSU football family." Coach Miles issued the following statement after the radio host asked that question:

"I think that this a very legitimate chance that he could have a happy ending."

"I think the point of degree, and the point of handling your business and making sure everything is right and correct, and getting your feet on the ground--I think that that is a tremendously happy ending."

I personally do see Mathieu returning to LSU in 2013. Coach Miles, like many other coaches, has a sensitive side in him when it comes to helping his players/kids in life. I think Les Miles knows that Mathieu needs LSU more than LSU really needs Mathieu. Sure, he is a tremendous talent, but talent at major programs is always replaced. It remains to be seen if Mathieu will ever wear the purple and gold again, but let's all hope that this young man has rid himself of the demons that led him down the wrong path in life.