Congratulations, Internet. You've managed to throw everyone into a frenzy with yet another obvious fake story that was taken as gospel truth.

For those wondering if Lil Boosie was back in jail after just being released on Wednesday night, the answer is no. The interwebs have been abuzz with Boosie lovers and haters alike, and a satirical piece from that claims Boosie landed back in jail after only being out for a few hours.

This website also has headlines that claim the Super Bowl "was rigged," Rick Ross "overdosed on too much food," and that Justin Bieber was arrested for "another DUI"; this time in Los Angeles, and will be serving a whole year in jail.

Of course none of that happened.

It's actually been a pretty eventful first 24 hours for Lil Boosie following his release from prison. We've already heard his first freestyles on his way home from being picked up from jail. We've see him shopping for new clothes, getting a haircut and spending time with family and loved ones.

And in the latest interaction with Lil Boosie online in the video below, we see a bulkier version of the notoriously slim rapper doing what he does best.


We'll definitely be waiting to hear his next musical moves come Monday, March 10 at a press conference organized with his label Atlantic Records.

In the meantime, has anyone explained Macklemore, Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus to him yet?