Lil Boosie threw a party for thousands of his biggest fans as his 'Touch Down To Cause Hell' tour hit the Lafayette CAJUNDOME this past Saturday night.

Fans lined up as early as 3 P.M., and even when doors opened around 7 P.M., people assembled in a line; that at times, seemed like it stretched to the Hilton Garden Inn.

Old, young, black, white, hispanic, etc. — those who made up his fan base were chatting with excitement. Normally, these folks are the types you see exchanging insults behind the protection of a keyboard on social media and message boards.

Today, they were united for one reason, and one reason only. Boosie.

Is he a criminal? Sure, you can go look up his records. Is he a thug? One could easily make that argument after seeing how he was raised in the unforgiving streets of South Side Baton Rouge.

But what Lil Boosie isn't, is in denial about any of his shortcomings or mistakes. This realness is at the epicenter of why people paid top dollar to see Torrence Hatch take the stage at the CAJUNDOME for the first time in his home state of Louisiana after a 4 year prison stint.

In a music industry that gives us mega-stars like Miley who lives for the "shock factor" as a means to keep her name in the headlines, or gimmicky tracks like #SELFIE that depend on a social movement to propel the record, "REAL" is something that hip hop, and music in general for that matter, doesn't see too often.

Saturday, April 19th at the CAJUNDOME promoter Bobby Callier and his Fever Productions team gave fans a "REAL" show, from a lineup of "REAL" artists, and people had a "REAL" good time.

Hot 107.9 got the party started before fans even walked into the CAJUNDOME with a special all-Boosie mix from the one and only DJ DOLBY D.  Once inside, DJ Chill warmed up the crowd with club banging hits as emcees kept a call and response vibe going that barely gave people a chance to take their seats.

The first artist artist in the star studded lineup to hit the stage was Kevin Gates. The minute the crowd saw his signature white button-up and exaggerated black-rimmed frames. He rocked the crowd with singles like "Thinkin' With My D***," "Don't Know," and his hit record, "Satellites."

Z-Ro hit the stage next, and ran through his catalog of hits, but the crowd literally exploded when the heard the first note of his single "I Hate U." The Mo City Don primed the CAJUNDOME crowd up perfectly for the moment they didn't even see coming.

Most people thought Jeezy would be out next, but unannounced Lil Boosie hit the stage and sent the dome into a frenzy. Boosie wasted no time and immediately went in — hit after hit, as his fans sang every word at the top of their lungs.

For the majority of his set it looked like the house lights were on from all the cell phones capturing video of Boosie on stage. The way the Baton Rouge born rapper commandeered the stage, no one would have ever guessed it was only his second show after being locked up for the last few years.

Instead of being surrounded by the typical entourage that surrounds many other headlining rap stars, Boosie was surrounded by family. His mother, Connie Hatch — a retired school principal — sat stage right and watched her son perform for a packed house.

What was even cooler is she danced and had just as good a time as those who paid to see her son on the big stage with the rest of Boosie's "entourage" of kids (all 7 of them) who danced for the majority of the evening as well.

Just when you thought the crowd was at a tipping point, things jumped up another level when Jeezy joined Boosie on stage for their joint single, "Better Believe It." Jeezy stayed on stage and ran through a quiver of his club bangers, radio hits and underground anthems.

But while Jeezy definitely held his own on stage, it was clear that on that night, and on that stage Lil Boosie was undoubtably the man of the hour. A shirtless Boosie emerged back onto the stage and continued right where he left off.

Even though it seemed like Boosie could have literally kept going until "5 in the morning," the show wrapped up around midnight and a calvary of his die hard fans followed him to the official after-party at The District, where the celebration continued until 2 A.M.

It was clear that Lafayette and it's surrounding areas had lots of love for Boosie, and the feeling was definitely mutual as the emcee gazed into crowd with genuine appreciation multiple times throughout the night.

Will the rapper embrace his second chance at life, music and fatherhood?

Based on what I saw Saturday night, I'd bet the house.