Recently, on an episode of A&E's 'Beyond Scared Straight' a young boy named Alex attributed his life of crime to wanting to be like his role model, incarcerated rapper Lil' Boosie. The Baton Rouge rapper heard about this while in prison and decided to reach out, even if it meant doing it from behind bars.

Alex is from Charlotte, North Carolina and his scene was featured on the season premiere of 'Beyond Scared Straight.' On the show (as you can see in the video below) Alex told the guards on the show that his bad behavior was influenced by his favorite rapper, Lil' Boosie. The guards then became outraged and half-humorously said

you want to be like Lil' Boosie? Lil' Boosie live down this way too. Come on.


The one person who didn't find any humor in this situation, was Lil' Boosie himself. The rapper, who is currently incarcerated at Angola State Prison and facing the death penalty over a first-degree murder charge, decided to reach out and write a letter to Alex.

The letter, read by Boosie's cousin "Donkey" addresses not only Alex, but every other young fan that may view Lil' Boosie as a role model.

Alex I was told that you said you were smoking and misbehaving because I smoke," Lil Boosie wrote to the teen. "Well you can be better than me. You don't want a marijuana addiction because it leads to trouble as you can see. Look at me I've been imprisoned 2 years for smoking marijuana. Was it worth it? Hell no. When you are imprisoned your away from everything that you love and that's a hurting feeling.

Lil Boosie's Reaches Out From Behind Bars to Help Alex from 'Beyond Scared Straight'


Reports from state that

According to Alex's mother, since her son has spoken to Boosie's cousin Donkey and read the letter himself, he has been staying out of trouble.

She also said that Alex seems more positive and goal oriented.

Do you think that rappers/celebs like Lil Boosie can get through to troubled teens better than parents and teachers? Should more of these celebrity figures reach out to positively influence today's youth?