A few years ago, LSU students Myles Laroux and Logan Baudean decided to make a funny video about the much dreaded finals week to share with their friends. They were quickly dubbed the 'Lil Final Boyz' and little did they know that numerous performances of their viral hits and half a million YouTube views later they would be releasing the third (and final) installment of 'Lil Finals Week.'

The Lil Final Boyz popularity isn't just limited to college students at LSU as students from UL-Lafayette, Tulane, UNO, Southern and college campuses all across Louisiana and the gulf coast anticipate their annual finals week bounce anthem as the perfect 'study break' during exams. Even though Baudean graduated from LSU last year and celebrated his last finals week with 'The Championship Bounce,' the duo teamed up one last time as this year's finals week sees Laroux making his graceful exit from the college life - and the Lil Final Boyz literally saved the best for last.

A dream sequence, a church scene, celebrity-athlete cameos, booty bouncing and a surprise twist at the end make this last 'Lil Finals Week' installment the best one yet. Is this the last we will see of the Lil Final Boyz? Only time will tell, but for now - just press play and bounce ya'll!

Lil Finals Week 3


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