Lil Wayne is a good rapper. I would even go as far as to say he is a GREAT rapper. With that said, he should stick to rapping, because reporting on sports isn't really a good look. Weezy took to his sports related web series to voice his opinion on the New Orleans Saint bounty drama, and he is prosecuting to the fullest extent.

Lil Wayne (who is a New Orleans native, mind you) believes that the Saints should be stripped of their 2009 Super Bowl Title as punishment for their recent bounty scandal. In the latest webisode of "Weezy's Sports Corner" he also expresses his belief that New Orleans Saints' GM Mickey Loomis, heach coach Sean Payton, and former defensive coordinator Gregg Williams should all be "banned from football" forever.

The main reason why I don't think Wayne's ignorant comment was that well thought out is that unless the NFL plans on taking ball ALL of the New England Patriots' Super Bowl titles, the idea that they would strip the 2009 title from the Saints is absurd.

But if you love to hear rambling, check out the video. Don't quit your day job Weezy.

Lil Wayne Speaks On Saints Bounty Scandal