When you're a proud parent of a peewee football player that scores 35 touchdowns, rushes for nearly 2,000 yards, and makes 65 tackles, it's understandable when you want to upload your child's highlight reel to YouTube for family and friends to see.

But when the kid in the video running in circles around other players and dominating on the field is a girl, the world takes notice - and in a big way!

Her name is Samantha "Sam" Gordon, and the highlight reel that her dad, Brent Gordon, uploaded is equivalent to the biggest stories on ESPN right now. She even made an appearance on "Good Morning America" to discuss her video that has been spreading via the web like wildfire.

Girls have been kicking ass at sports for quite some time now, but football is a male dominated sport where we don't see many females shine. Not only is Sam Gordon impressive for a girl, she is flat out good. She is the star of a nearly all-boys Ute Conference football league in Utah, coming out on top at nearly every speed and agility drill during tryouts.

Her video, uploaded by her dad, has been viewed over 2 million times since he posted it on Monday. Sam shared on GMA that she really isn't fazed by her domination of the sport that she only recently picked up this year, and that her true love is soccer - saying that one day she hopes to pursue her real passion, soccer.

I have a feeling that we will be hearing Sam Gordon's name during some form of sports broadcasting in the future.