Yahoo's Sketchy did a parody of Lorde's smash hit 'Royals' that may be one of the best parodies of the year. The name of the song is 'White Girls' and what's interesting, is that it doesn't actually ever make fun of Lorde at all.

Who is it mocking, you ask?

The hilarious parody takes a solid jab at teenage and 20-something female youth culture. Things like mass texting, selfies, yoga pants, duck-faces and of course - twerking.

As it is often seen in most comedy, I totally get that the title is taking a swipe at a stereotype more than it is a race; but the truth is, this song should really be called "ALL Girls."

I say this because I have personally seen girls of ALL races between the ages of 13 and 30 partake in the things parodied in this video, lol (I'm sure you have too!)

With that said, just enjoy the video.