Living along the gulf coast we know all about hurricanes and the destruction they can bring to to a region. When Hurricane Sandy slammed into the eastern shore last week, we knew all too well what type damage and destruction it would bring to the folks along the upper eastern shore.

Often after storms slam into our region, we see police agencies and utility companies from all over the country come here to assist our local authorities and utility companies. This time, Louisiana is the one offering a helping hand to our fellow citizens.

Several men from L.U.S. Utilities have made the long journey to the northeast to help restore power after Hurricane Sandy. I think it goes without saying, we all know what its like to be without power for several days after a storm. In addition to L.U.S., the Louisiana State Police have deployed several of it's units to the northeast region to assist other jurisdictions affected by the storm.

Since being there, our Louisiana heroes have encountered more than they probably anticipated. After Hurricane Sandy slammed into the northeast, a major winter storm followed Sandy dumping several inches of snow over the effected areas. Still, members of L.U.S. and the State Police are assisting residents, other law enforcement agencies, and other utility companies in these unfamiliar conditions.

While on Facebook last night, I came across a letter posted by a Lafayette Consolidated Government official that was written to them from a family in New York. The family complimented the men from L.U.S. not only for their work, but also for their kindness. The family wrote to inform the crew's bosses that not only were they very professional they were also very compassionate. The crew from L.U.S. introduced themselves to the family and even offered them soft drink that they had on their utility truck. That says it all about our people.

We just want to say THANK YOU to the members of L.U.S. and The Louisiana State Police for their efforts in helping restore some sense of normalcy to those in the northeast. Too often we rely on others to help us after a hurricane, its good to see that we can return the favor. You all have made us proud to say we are from Louisiana. Stay safe!!!