Mac Miller is set to release his sophomore album, 'Watching Movies With The Sound Off,' on June 18. Even though he has now learned he will be sharing the release date with heavy hitters like Kanye West and J. Cole, the Pittsburgh rapper is holding firm; and earlier today, released a super cool in-studio performance of the Pharrell-produced song 'Objects In The Mirror' for his The Space Migration sessions.

Mac is joined by the super talented collective, The Internet (of Odd Future fame) for a live rendition of the track that shows off Miller's singing chops. Of course, he has showcased his singing ability before, like his popular cover of Oasis' Wonderwall,' but many are saying this live performance is better than the recorded version of the track. A lot of folks are saying this album will be huge for Mac Miller, some even using the word "legendary."

Imagine how mad Kanye would be if he got outsold by a kid with no major deal?