Although there have been phenomenal leaps and bounds made when it comes to equal rights, and acceptance of our LGBT community; hip hop is one of, if not the most homophobic landscape there is. Macklemore and Ryan Lewis have been known to use their voice and presence to address the issue, and they are aiming to change attitudes with their latest single 'Same Love.'

Macklemore has already used his platform to speak out against discrimination over sexuality for You Can Play, an organization to stop anti-gay sentiments in sports; and 'Same Love' is a response to rappers always using slurs like the f-word and the rampant homophobia in hip hop and our culture in general.

There’s an epidemic of young people who are discovering their sexuality and are oppressed by it.

I'm digging the new single, and based on the success of 'Thrift Shop' and 'Can't Hold Us,' it seems like Macklemore and Ryan Lewis just can't do any wrong.