Macklemore had one hell of a year, and the payoff has been quite nice. The 'White Walls' rapper is worth a cool $10 million but an exclusive sneak peek at his crib reveals that most of the people reading this article right now are living just as good, if not better than he is.

The tour de Macklemore's humble home was part of an E! Special called 'Macklemore's Big Surprise' that aired last Thursday (Nov. 7). The special featured Macklemore pulling off a 72-hour home makeover for his fiancee's mother to show his appreciation for her being one of the main people that helped him battle addiction earlier in his life.

From his better half, to his favorite "pet," and a pretty dope shoe collection; it's safe to say that while Macklemore is seeing much success, the money hasn't changed him one bit.

I just hope he washed that one blanket that smelled like R Kelly's sheets.