I'm still trying to figure out why this dad got arrested. The video starts off with the parents of a special-needs child trying to check their kid out of school a little bit before the bell rang. They got there early and a deputy sheriff was on duty in the school's office. The parents went to check out their child and the deputy wouldn't let them check out their kid. Even after the father of the child signed them out. Then, stuff gets really weird. The deputy started saying that the father was being disorderly in the school office, arrested him, threw him in the cop car and took him straight to jail. What do you think? Was the father in the right wanting to take his own child out of school early or is the deputy right for following school polices and making him wait? Watch and comment below.

I'm just gonna go out on a limb here and say the father was perfectly within his rights to walk his own child out of the school.