Some people believe that the the world will end in a few hours (12/21/12). The funny thing is, "THE MAYANS" - you know, the folks who made up this whole end-of-the-world calendar nonsense - don't even buy their own hype.

Its kind of like this: Have you ever told a secret to someone, and when it gets to the 5th or 6th person, its completely different then the way you told it? It's kind of the same situation. Here's what the Mayans had to say about the whole thing.

"Lots of people say it's the end of the world, but we don't believe that," he said."People in his village will keep living much as they have, preferring hand-built, palm-thatch hut to concrete buildings and baking tortillas on an open flame"


[via CNN]

So before you go and get yourself arrested, put yourself in debt, or God forbid something even worse, you might want to think twice. Check out the vid. It's a must watch.