Men cry. It happens. It's just not always obvious. It's also not always at the right times. Most men stand stone-faced at a funeral but come football Sunday they're sobbing in a corner after a last-minute loss. There are several moments and occasions where every man, no matter his age, race or religion, will cry his eyes out. He can't help it. Here are 15 moments that will make any man cry like a newborn baby.

  • 1

    The Last 5 Minutes of 'Field of Dreams'

  • 2

    No Beer in the Fridge

  • 3

    Getting Kicked in the Nuts

  • 4

    Tim McCarver and Joe Buck are Calling the Game

  • 5

    Ladies Shoe Stores

  • 6

    His First Born Child

  • 7

    His Quarterback

  • 8

    The First 15 Minutes of 'Saving Private Ryan'

  • 9

    A Paper Cut

  • 10

    A Super Bowl Win

  • 11

    A Super Bowl Loss

  • 12

    An Extended Visit From In-Laws

  • 13

    Andy Cohen on TV

  • 14

    Losing the Girl

  • 15