Let's go ahead and file this under "fair weather." Last night, I witnessed one of the best NBA games of all time, if not one of the best games, period. LeBron James and the Miami Heat pulled off a magical 103-100 overtime win over the San Antonio in Game 6 of the NBA Finals and ultimately avoided having to watch the Spurs raise the championship trophy on their home court.

The sad part is, a significant part of their crowd weren't even on hand to witness it. I mean, were the ticket sales bad? For an NBA Finals Game 6? Never.

More that 2000 of the Heat "fans" headed for the exit in the final seconds, and though many banged on the doors to be let back in once they realized what was going on; but others, as you will see in the NBC6 Miami video above, had no idea that Miami pulled off the win.

Not a good look for the fans who already have a rep for being the worst fans in sports.