Well, Michael Lohan is back in the news, and yes he is going back to jail. The father of Lindsay Lohan was arrested for the second time this week after he was constantly contacting the ex-girlfriend he allegedly assaulted earlier in the week. After Lohan repeatedly called his ex-girlfriend, she became fearful and reported it to police. What would come next is just totally bizarre.  According to TMZ, when police went to Lohan's apartment to arrest him, he attempted to escape them by jumping from his third floor balcony. The only problem, Lohan's fall was broken by a tree!! Yes, Michael Lohan landed in a tree and police were able to apprehend him on the spot.

Reports indicate that Lohan was treated by doctors, and may have suffered a broken foot in this leap. But to land in a tree??? I think it is safe to say, the Lohan family is a complete train wreck, and they just don't have much luck on their side.