We watch Miss America pageants for more than just their intelligence. lol

We watch it for the mess ups, kind of like how we watch NASCAR for the wrecks. You know something bad is going to happen, but when? So we wait for a slip of the nip or a slip on the floor. Anything can happen at anytime. Then it finally happens.

The moment we'd all been waiting for occurred last night during the infamous Miss America questions. Just like every year, it did not disappoint us.

By the way Miss Iowa's name is Mariah Cary, (no relation to the singer).

She got her turn at a question, and what came out of her mouth made her more famous than being in the Miss America pageant .

The question was: Should the U.S. legalize recreational use of marijuana?

Without a thought in her mind Cary accidentally said:

I think that depends on the situation. I personally know people who have had to go to medical marijuana for their last resort, for their health care and I completely agree with that. However, I don’t think it should be used for anything but recreational use in health care.”

There you go. The question heard around the world or should I say the answer that followed, but me typing it doesn't do it any justice. Watch the video below.