Oh yeah brother! "The Hulkster" is the latest celeb to have a sex tape emerge and we may actually have the chance to see it sooner than you think. According to TMZ, the WWE Hall of Famer is definitely in the video that is currently being shopped to popular porn company, Vivid Video, for a pretty nice chunk of change.

TMZ claims that they have seen a small clip from the video and the woman seen with Hogan is neither his former wife Linda Bollea or his current wife Jennifer McDaniel.

The clip features grainy footage of Hogan getting undressed and commenting to the unidentified brunette, "I started to work out again."

[via Complex]

Hogan is claiming that the video currently being shopped was "secretly filmed" and that it is an outrageous "invasion of privacy." His lawyer David Houston has also released a statement, saying that "Terry Bollea (Hulk Hogan's real name) is appalled" and goes on to say that they are "taking the necessary steps to enforce civil and criminal liability."

No one knows how old the video is, or if Hogan was married at the time, but I can only hope that when he undresses in the video, he does it in a patented Hulk Hogan shirt ripping manner. #winning

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