You often ask yourself, why do things happen the way they do? And too often, we want an immediate answer (s) for why things happen as they do. For me personally, I have always asked to be put into a position or place where I can help other people. I guess you would say, its in my nature.Let it be known, I have never been affiliated with any previous employer that had a direct affiliation with St Jude Children's Research Hospital. While I may have been doing what I enjoyed doing at the time, I was never really in the place that I hoped to be in. Well, on May 5th of last year, someone brought me to where I am today. And while at the time I may have not had a clear define answer as to why things happened as they did, today I know why someone brought me to my family at Hot 107-9 and Townsquare Media.

You see, when I was about to graduate college and enter into the Broadcast industry, I asked in prayer that I one day be put into a position where I could help not only those who need assistance, but I would specifically pray that I be put into a position where I could help kids that were fighting for their life. I'm not going to hide the fact here, I was inspired one morning by a nationally syndicated radio personality one day while one my way to school. His show that morning inspired me to enter into this industry (radio) and help kids. His show has a week long vacation with terminally ill kids and their families just so that the kids can get their minds off of their illness. It brought tears to my eyes one morning when I heard the parent of kid with cancer say that this was the single best thing that ever happened to her kid, and it was that very morning that I decided I was going to be in radio, and I too was going to help kids like that one day.

Shortly after I was brought on to the team here at Hot 107-9, Chris Logan asked if I was interested in visiting St Jude Children's Hospital in Memphis, TN. I always knew that Hot 107-9 was a St Jude radio station, but the invitation caught be my surprise. I was the "new guy" here, and I asked myself "why me?" Well, after I came home from work that night it hit me. While Logan may not have know what he had just did, I finally had an answer. I was going to St Jude Hospital because about ten years ago, I asked to go. Someone was listening, and that someone put me where I needed to be in order for me to do as I requested, one day help kids.

Now, here we are, the day has come where I can do my small part and help a hospital that cares for kids from all around the world. While Chris Logan and I were at St Jude, we walked away with so many memories and emotions. But on the plane ride home, it really hit me that so many people from here, in South Louisiana, rely on St Jude Children's Research Hospital. It was noted in a seminar that Louisiana has the highest percentage of patients utilizing the services today at St Jude. Why do WE have so many sick kids from our area? We don't have an answer yet.

Now, as I type this blog well after midnight, I hear my 9 month old, Mason, awake and singing in his bed. Should I be upset that he's awake well after midnight? The answer is no!! Many of us have healthy baby boys and girls, and yet, there is a parent right now hoping and praying for a miracle at St Jude's in Memphis.

Friends, it is past time we stand up to cancer and say, "enough is enough." It is time WE say, "you will stop taking kids from parents, and we will conquer you." It can happen, and I firmly believe it will, but we must all do our part. We must help those kids that are fighting, and we must also help those families that stop everything in their lives just to give their child a chance. Is it fair that some of these kids have to go through this, no it is not!! But the least we can all do is take a stand and say, you aren't going into this fight alone. Let's fight the good fight and let's do what we do best here in Acadiana. I ask, let's come together in the next two days and do our part. Let's help a hospital that helps sick kids and their families in the most trying of times. It costs St Jude Hospital over $1 Million per day to operate, yet kids are counting on them.

Look, times are hard for us all, but we have what we have because someone has granted it to us. If you have a healthy kid, hug them. If you have a supporting family, thank them. If you can help us help St Jude, Help now!! Too many families and too many kids from our area are counting on US in the next two days. Let's show the rest of our country who we really are. Let's do what we do best, and let's understand why we are in the position we are in today.

In the photo above, Chris Logan and I met this young boy after one of the seminars we attended at "Radio Cares" in Memphis. He was once diagnosed with cancer, and he beat it. His family, not from America, were re-located to the Memphis area as his father took on a new job, and they didn't know why they were sent to the Memphis area. In short, only months after their re-location, he was diagnosed with cancer. Not knowing where to go or what to do, they were referred to St Jude. They asked, "where is that at?" The hospital that would eventually save their child was in their own back yard. They too were sent somewhere for a reason. Today, this young man can tell you every state and it capital city, plus he can say each state's slogan. Lets just say, he sure knew of Baton Rouge, and "Sportsmans Paradise." Miracles happen friends, and they will continue to happen as long as we do our part. No one thing is too small, or too big, everything helps. I hope in the days ahead, we can encourage you all to help us fight the fight. Be part of our radiothon March 31st and April 1st.

Personally, I have prepared myself for the next two days for years. I knew deep down one day, I too would be given an opportunity help, and the day has come.